Monday, November 12, 2012

My WishList (Makeup Forever)

Black Tango Palette
The black tango palette features 4 limited edition shades of Aqua Cream that combine the highest quality pigments with mother-of-pearl for immediate, rich color in one application. Its waterproof cream formula, will not crease smudge, and its elastic texture allows easy blending.


Eye Prime
Long Wear Eyelid Primer
Eye Prime is the ideal eyelid primer for longlasting eye makeup. As well as maximizing eyeshadow color, it reinforces its wear all through the day. You will no longer need to touch up your eye makeup half way through the day.
Enriched with waxes and mineral powders, Eye Prime creates a protective base on the eyelid allowing the eye makeup to last longer with a no crease, no fade result.
Its natural color works for every skin tone and eyeshadow shade. It's easy to apply thanks to its anti drying property and its light texture blends naturally into the skin minimizing all blemishes you would like to fade. 
Aqua Rouge
Waterproof Liquid Lip Color
As a 2 step product, Aqua Rouge comes in a double-ended packaging consisting in 2 bottles connected by a black metallic ring.
The ergonomic form of the applicatore helps to paint lips precisely. Its texture is highly loaded in opaque pigments with a matt finish. Aqua Rouge is extremely stable and long lasting.
The transparent texture of the top coat provides a lacquer finish for extreme shine and comfort.
Available in 12 colors, each shade of aqua rouge corresponds to a shade of aqua lip.

Moisturizing Cleansing Water
The cleansing, moisturizing, alcohol-free water, Pure Water, removes face and non-waterproof eye make-up. It leaves the skin soft and toned.
Make-up free skin feels fresh and purified, with no oily film. Pure Water moisturizes the skin thanks to the active ingredients included ib its formula.
Kabuki Brush
Face Brush
Thanks to its soft-to-the-touch yet sufficiently firm nylon bristles, the Kabuki Brush makes it easy to sweep powder on the face. You can use it to apply HD or other loose powders or as a touch up tool to remove excess powder after initial application. The width of the bristles has been specially tailored to the HD Powder packaging and the black color makes dosing the powder easy. The rounded shape facilitates the cirucular movements necessary for the light application of HD Powder. Small and short, this brush is easily transported in its black zipped pouch.

Brush Book
This imitation leather pouch, composed of 2 sections, opens up like a book and allows to put away the complete range of MAKE UP FOR EVER brushes.
Simple and practical, it folds and lines up easily.
If the make-up artist lays down the pouch flat or vertically on a counter, they could easily get to its content.


Sari Marlia said...

Sis Liaaaaaa,, samaaa... Brush Set / Brush Book itu salah satu dari wishlist akuuuuuuu >______<
Mahal banget itu 1 set, tapi aku pengennnn :)))

MissPandaLia said...

hehhehe,, nabuuung atuuuh.. atau nungguin GiveAway aku nanti periode Februari-April? GiveAway aku buanyaaaaaaaak loh,, buat 1 pemenang aja sih ^^

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