Sunday, December 2, 2012

Za Beauty Show - its Beauty and Fun Concept

I went to the very spirit of Za Beauty Event at Centro Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS, Tangerang).
Arriving there, it was at 14:30 pm because it was too fast, so I wandered around the Mall and lunch.

Not Noticeably, the time is at 15:30 pm, I had an appointment to meet one of my new friends from IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger).
I was standing at the counter Za, there's no sign of when the show begins. when time has passed at 16:00 pm. Few Minutes Later, an MC, Beautiful woman with a cute dress, opened the event with a spirit to the visitors interested.

And, WOW!!!! some gorgeous models appear and Pink Carpet Walk, I saw so amazed, because their faces using Za product looks very good.
And after the show finished, I went to the counter Za. and I got a discount of 20%
I am interested in buying one product, because I did not bring much money hahahahaha

Soon I will review products that I bought this Za.


bayihamka said...

wow keren banget liputannya..say ......produk apa aja yang bagus....ditunggu reviewnya ya

MissPandaLia said...

Tengkyuuuu ^^ iya... aku lagi mau bikin Videonya nanti.. hehehhe

bayihamka said...

kuyus2 banget ya modelnya

Lets Share said...

sexy n tinggi amat itu model..
andai pny tinggi sprti itu haha..
bkin video ny jg bgs untuk riview an ny dear ^^


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