Friday, February 22, 2013

GEO Contact Lens From Uniqso + Review

A few days ago I received a small parcel of Uniqso, and immediately I open the package and it turns out there is a little box that is very very very cute and i love it.

For some reason, I really love this box. If Uniqso kind enough to give me a million this box, I was very happy to accept a million times. (ha ha ha # L.O.L # ^. ^)

I immediately opened the box and tadaaaaaa ....... 
Beautiful bottles covered with Plastic Bubble Wrap, and is not broken or cracked damaged while in my hands. yeeeayyy \ (^. ^) / \ (^. ^) /

When I choose a color  GEO - CH624 Nudy Brown  
apparently run out of stock, so I replace with  Big Eyes Lenses - GEO Xtra - WTA05 Grey

Even after I use contact lens, it turns gray color my eyes are less visible.

However, contact lenses that I use this really makes my eyes look big. And I'm very comfortable using it even though I've used it a couple of hours, with no pain and no dry eyes.

Contact lens
Big Blue Circle Lens has become my favorite, because in addition to comforting the eyes can be used for daily activities without feeling heavy.

Next time I'll try this contact lens >> 

Dolly Eye - Ice Melon Blue

Dolly Eye - Ice Melon Grey

Big Eyes Lenses - I.Fairy - Casper Blue

Thankyou Uniqso.. ^.^


MissPandaLia said...

coba deh kalian pakai Softlens ini produk dari Uniqso.. bener" nyaman banget looooh..... aku rekomendasikan Softlens ini jika kalian ingin tampil gaya... ^.^

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